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Crafting A Flexible Parenting Plan

Flexible Parenting Plan Fairfield CT

When you and the other parent decide to end your relationship, it can be difficult to hammer out the details. Even if you have come to this conclusion together, reaching agreements in key areas can be a struggle on your own. This happens commonly with testy issues like financial division, and you want to make… Read more »

Making The Case For Sole Custody In Connecticut

Sole Custody Single Parent Fairfield CT

When you and your former partner decide to call it quits, this action can have rippling effects on your life. If you are currently in the process of obtaining a divorce here in the state of Connecticut, you may learn that even beyond the emotional turmoil, there are things that you need to handle with… Read more »

Putting Your Child’s Needs First

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When you are going through a divorce, there can be a significant emotional element that can be its own struggle. If you and your former spouse share children together, then this situation can become even more tricky, as navigating co-parenting can be difficult without positive communication. A parenting plan helps you to establish the rights… Read more »

Finding The Right Parenting Plan For Your Family

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Divorce can be an emotional time, and if you share children with your former spouse, it can feel overwhelming at times. Custody negotiations are a vital part of this process, so be sure that you have a dedicated legal professional by your side at every step along the way. One of the areas in which… Read more »