Over time, plans and procedures can change, as can initial marital goals and agreements. Any modification or change made to a judgment after it has been entered is considered a post-judgment modification. These can occur when there is an adjustment to alimony, such as if there has been a change of employment. They can also be the result of a modification to child support, accommodation of disabilities, financial emergencies, death, or even to accommodate a change in divorce law. Depending on your specific marital situation, you may need to modify a judgment after it has been entered. Our firm can assist you through this process, and we have the expertise to assist in post-judgment modifications pertaining to:

Modifying Your Agreement

Traversing matrimonial and divorce law without the proper insight and experience can be detrimental to an amicable resolution. At Conlon Amendola, PLLC, we keep your best interests and goals in mind when it comes to modifying your judgment after the fact. We pay close mind to deadlines and requirements while maintaining a communicative and transparent relationship with our clients. If you need help with a post-judgment modification, or assistance with marital and divorce law, contact our office today at (203) 803-2943.