Contested litigation is the traditional adversarial process in which both sides are engaged in formal, court proceedings. The end result is a trial, indicating other forms of pre-trial settlement, or alternative dispute resolution have been unsuccessful. The majority of our cases are resolved amicably, however, if trial is the only option, our extensive litigation experience will serve you well if you end up in court.

Contested litigation can be long and strenuous, but our support and expertise will provide guidance when it matters most – in the courtroom. For more information regarding the contested litigation process, or to set up an initial consultation. contact our office today.

Your Case Requires a Firm Presence

To reach the best possible outcome for your case, you will need the strong and firm presence of our experienced team. We are always prepared to work and are committed to your outcome. Our knowledge and wisdom will provide you with personal attention through the entire litigation process to achieve the best result possible for your family. If you are searching for an attorney of this stature to represent you in the courtroom, contact our office today at (203) 803-2943.