There are times during the legal process that you aren’t necessarily looking for full representation, whether financial or circumstantially, and instead need representation for one or a few matters. Our office offers limited appearance representation, in which you hire our firm to represent your case for a single motion or issue. Clients have used this option as a more financially affordable route, or when they need assistance on a particular issue.

Atty. Amendola can represent you in an array of marital or family law-related matters. We have concentrated in family law for over 25 years, and possess the experience and compassion you need to achieve a favorable result in your legal matter.

Representation for your Hearing Needs

Whether you need full representation through your matrimonial or family law matter, or you simply need representation for a single hearing, our firm has the resources and expertise needed to achieve the best outcome for your case. To set up an initial meeting with our office, all our main line at (203) 803-2943 or schedule an appointment online.