Child Support

There is no denying that divorce can get complicated, and even downright messy. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, you may need to seek reparations in the form of child support. Child support means that a periodic or ongoing payment is made by a parent to financially assist the other parent, following the finalization of their divorce or separation. We can step in to help with this complicated process, as there are nuances and multiple factors to consider when establishing which parent pays child support.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance, or alimony, is awarded to a party in a divorce in order to rehabilitate that person and enable them to become self-sufficient in the future.  There are many forms of spousal support, and it can be time limited and limited as to amount.  At times, alimony is owed to a divorced individual, but the other person refuses to pay or does not have the funds to do so. The law office of Conlon Amendola, PLLC can help you secure any spousal support you are entitled to or you are owed.  We can also assist in establishing a legal remedy if you are unable to provide your spousal support payment.

Child Support Attorneys

Once child support is established, the next obstacle you may need to overcome is the process of ensuring payment. Whether you need legal assistance in demanding child support, creating a payment plan, or need representation in your custody battle, our office provides the expertise needed to assist you. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact (203) 803-2943 or fill out our online form.