While you may choose to settle your divorce through alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid the need to involve a litigation attorney, knowledgeable mediators and attorneys highly recommend hiring a lawyer to, at minimum, review the final settlement offer to ensure it is appropriate and accurately reflects the interests of both parties.

Our firm hasĀ  practiced family and matrimonial law for over 25 years. Our knowledge and expertise will provide a thorough and impartial final review of your legal separation document. You only have one chance to do your divorce, so you want to do it right.

We Want to Help You Achieve Your Desired Resolution

Our office is committed to not only providing the representation you need to achieve a satisfactory resolution, but also to ensuring your interests and assets are properly valued and accounted for. To meet with Atty. Amendola and set up a formal representation relationship, contact our office to set up your initial consultation with our firm. We will work vigorously to reach the end result you seek.