Establishing the Value of a Business

The complexities that accompany establishing the value of a business can be tricky to navigate. Luckily, we have expertise and experience in this process. Establishing the value of a business requires expert analysis and guidance. Our experience ensures best practices are maintained so that putting a valuation on a business, as well as other assets, results in an equitable and fair resolution.

Complex Assets

A complex asset is one that has multiple parts that are separately calculated so as to make depreciation calculations simpler. These parts or “separate assets” are unable to be used separately, such as certain types of real estate. Ensuring accuracy in calculating the value of your complex assets is very important to our firm, and it is critical you are properly represented when doing so.

Representing Your Best Interests

At Conlon Amendola, PLLC, your best interests and priorities are kept in mind when establishing the value of your assets in a family case. To learn more about this process or to discuss your business valuations and complex assets with us, contact our office online or give us a call at (203) 803-2943.