Establishing what happens to legal rights and assets before a couple joins in a legal union or marriage is a commonly-known practice, but did you know that you can also settle affairs and assets after marriage in the event of separation or divorce through a postnuptial agreement as well? Postnuptial agreements began garnering attention in the 1970s, and are used today, after a couple is married, to legally specify rights and asset division in the case of separation, divorce or death of a partner

What Postmarital Agreements Include

What you might include in a postnuptial agreement, as well as what cannot be included, is largely governed by state law. Parties commonly include specific sections that address division of assets in the event of divorce, how assets will be managed in the event of a spousal death, how marital debts and dues will be divided, and whether or not one spouse will need to pay spousal support or child support in the event of separation. These and other specifications are reviewed and granted or denied by the state.

Moving Forward

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