Caring for your family

Substance abuse and mental health issues are common factors that are considered when determining the outcome of a divorce case or child custody matter. Battling an addiction has consequences for the individual and their family. Atty. Amendola has experience in cases representing parents and children when addiction or mental health has been an issue for either a parent or a child. Courts will always protect the children and there are a variety of resources to assist families who face the challenge of addiction.  There is no single category of mental health issue, but they are entwined in many family law cases.  Atty. Amendola has experience in cases working with mental health professionals to guide families through this challenging process At Conlon Amendola, PLLC, we care about you and your family.

Caring for Yourself

Your mental health can impact your divorce and child custody battle as well, as a judge will want to ensure you are mentally fit to care for and nourish a child. At Conlon Amendola, PLLC, we provide our assistance and resources to help you through the process of separation, while also ensuring you are caring for yourself along the way.

We will Advocate for You

A healthy home life is necessary for raising a child, and we can assist you in the legal process involved to do that. To schedule an appointment with our family law firm, contact us online or at (203) 803-2943. We understand the road to a cordial settlement can be strenuous, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.