Establishing the Value of Your Foreign Assets

While property division is already one of the more intricate and complex aspects of the divorce process, establishing the value of your foreign assets can be even trickier to navigate, as it falls under the guidelines of international property law. This is where Conlon Amendola, PLLC’s expertise comes into play. Our combined 25 years of experience with divorce and matrimonial law serves as valuable background in achieving an accurate and fair resolution, and our attorneys will work to ensure you achieve nothing less.


Included in the division of assets are any holdings you may have, such as pension plans, investments, and other non-tangible items. These items can range in value and importance when it comes to dividing up your assets, and you do not want them overlooked or hidden from view.

An Equitable Solution

In an already complex process, having the legal knowledge and experience to traverse the field of division of assets is a must. Our office will represent you in your divorce proceedings and each step during the asset division process. To get started, contact our firm today by calling (203) 803-2943 or filling out our online form. We want to ensure you are receiving the representation you need.