Historically, same-sex parents were not recognized as able to gain custody of children, and in fact did not start garnering attention and this right to custody until around the 1970s. The battle for LGBT rights recognition has been a long one, with the last state ban on adoption and parenting rights for same-sex couples overturned in 2010. The Supreme Court advocated for the well-being of children as an argument in favor of marriage equality in 2013, and again affirmed it in 2017 by stating that both parents in a same-sex relationship or marriage have the right to have their names on their child’s birth certificate.

At Conlon Amendola, PLLC, we proudly represent same-sex couples in their family law matters, including custody, adoption, and more. We represent individuals and families on the LGBT spectrum to seek amicable resolutions for marital or family law matters.

Knowing Your Rights

As a parent, spouse, and individual, it is important to know your rights and protections regarding family law. To seek representation from our Connecticut family law attorneys, you can contact our office online or give us a call at (203) 803-2943 for an initial consultation. It is essential you know your rights as an LGBT spouse or parent, and we are here to help you through the process of ensuring those rights are honored and protected.