The process of settling a case in litigation can be arduous and costly. As a different approach to traditional courtroom litigation, our firm offers alternative dispute resolution methods. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to any method used to settle a dispute between parties outside of the courtroom, short of litigation. Such ADR includes arbitration and mediation, which is a structured process that involves an impartial third party who assists in reaching a compromise or resolution through the use of negotiation techniques.

Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can be preferred and beneficial for a number of reasons, including being less costly and more time-effective. In a mediation, the two parties typically dedicate a half or full day to resolving the matter. Our office specializes in getting your family or matrimonial claim resolved, and have actively participated in ADR to achieve that resolution.

Resolving Your Matter

If you are seeking to settle your case quickly and efficiently, then we are the law firm for you. We will consult with you about your specific family law situation and offer you the best process to move forward toward a settlement. To schedule your initial appointment, please call us at (203) 803-2943 or contact our office online.