Your Parental Rights Are Important

parental rights fairfield ctChoosing to have a child with your partner is a shared responsibility, ensuring the child has the necessary resources to mature into a healthy adult. This includes meeting the financial requirements associated with raising your child, which can sometimes involve monthly child support payments if you and the other parent are no longer together. Navigating these circumstances can be complex, and the establishment of parental rights can seriously change the direction in your journey.

When you are looking at your next steps in custody in Fairfield, CT, attorney Bonnie Amendola can serve as your guide through the intricacies of Connecticut family law. Our team is prepared to assist with everything from spousal support and divorce to all aspects of legal child custody. In Connecticut, the law presumes that the spouse of a married mother is the child’s parent by default. If paternity discussions need clarification, we’re here to help establish parental rights. For more information on your options regarding custody and child support, give us a call today to talk further.

Do You Need To Establish Paternity In The State Of Connecticut?

Paternity questions are not always a hurdle for families, but when they become an issue, it can take a bit of work on the part of the father. In our state, the legal presumption is that the spouse of a married mother is the other parent of the child, but there are times when that is not necessarily the case. The parents may have never been married to being with, or there may be a situation where another person is the father, and they may have parental rights, as well.

If you need to establish your paternity in the state of Connecticut, talk to a trusted legal team about your next steps. You may be required to submit further documentation, up to and including a DNA test.

Starting Your Path Toward A New Future With A Parenting Plan

If you and the other parent have decided to end your relationship, it is the responsibility of both of you to make sure that your child has what they need to grow in a healthy fashion. The courts in our state want to know that you two have it covered, and working together to create a parenting plan can be a helpful way of doing that. These are signed agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of each parent. Parenting plans can cover a wide range of topics, so ask about how they can help you.

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