Establishing Parental Rights In Connecticut

establishing parental rights fairfield ctWhen you and your partner opt to have a child, the responsibility falls on both of you to make sure that the little one has the tools they need to grow into a healthy adult. That means that you need to make sure that you are fulfilling the financial obligations related to raising the child, and if you and the other parent have split up, it could require a monthly child support payment. This situation is not always the simplest thing, however, and establishing parental rights can play a significant role in your family’s story.

With attorney Bonnie Amendola in Fairfield, CT, you have a guide to family law in the state of Connecticut. From spousal support and divorce to all matters related to legal custody of your children, our team is here to help. In our state, the state assumes that the spouse of a married mother is by default the parent of the child, and if you need to clear up discussions of paternity, we are here to help you to establish parental rights. To find out more about your options in custody and child support, talk to us today!

Need To Show Paternity? This Can Be An Important Step

Here in the state of Connecticut, the courts assume that the parent of a child with a married mother is their spouse. While this may seem like a safe assumption at first glance, there are many reasons as to why this may not be the case. If the parents of the child were never married, or if there is another reason as to why another person could be the father of the child, the courts sometimes have to look at the evidence to make a decision.

For fathers looking to be a part of their child’s life, establishing parental rights starts with paternity. This can be as simple as filling out an Acknowledgment of Paternity form, where the parents sign a legal document stating who each of the parents are. Talk to our team about your specific situation to learn more about paternity in the state of Connecticut.

As A Parent, You Will Need To Fulfill Your Obligations

When the child is demonstrated to be yours, it means that you are responsible for their safe upbringing. One of the most important elements of this is that you may be required to pay child support. The courts will determine the child’s needs, and also take a look at a range of factors including each of the parents’ incomes, the number of children and more.

Find Out More About Parental Rights With Attorney Bonnie Amendola!

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