Time To Go Your Separate Ways?

divorce in connecticut fairfield ct separate waysDeciding to end your marriage is a significant life choice, and it is one that involves not only you and your spouse, but the courts, as well. Once you and your partner have married, the state has an interest in the partnership, and there are certain laws related to how things must happen when one ends. If there are shared children involved, then there are also rules in place to ensure that they have a healthy upbringing. All this can seem confusing, and reaching out to a local family attorney can help you to make sense of it all when it is time to go your separate ways.

With Attorney Bonnie Amendola in Fairfield, CT, you have a dedicated legal professional who fights for your side. Divorce can be complex, and every state has their own specific laws related to the subject, so it is important to have the right information at your disposal. If you are thinking that it is time for a fresh start, talk to our team about the nuance of divorce in Connecticut. Give us a call today!

Equitable Distribution And Connecticut Divorces

When you decide that divorce is your next step, the division of assets and liabilities is one of the primary focuses of your split. In our state, the courts follow the concept of “equitable distribution,” which aims to take a deep dive into the history of the marriage to find a just and reasonable solution for everyone involved. This differs from the approach used in “community property” states; that method provides a firmer 50/50 split, so if you have moved here from one of those nine states, talk to a local family attorney about how things work in Connecticut.

Financial distribution in our state takes a look at a range of factors when coming to a conclusion, such as the length of the marriage and the input from each member. This does not have to be financial input, as managing the household and raising children can be taken into account, as well, so ask our team about all of the ways that equitable distribution can affect your divorce.

Do You And Your Former Partner Share A Child Together?

If you and your spouse have had a shared child together, then there is an additional step in your divorce. The state wants to see that your children still experience a healthy upbringing even after you two go your separate ways, and we can help you to understand what that means for your family.

Going Your Separate Ways? Call Attorney Bonnie Amendola!

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