Parenting Plans And How They Help

parenting plans fairfield ctHere in the state of Connecticut, there are certain steps in the custody process. Our court system looks at the future of the child and makes decisions accordingly, and this means that your wishes come secondarily to the needs of your little one. This is not to say that you and the other parent do not have a say; parenting plans are an avenue to help you and your former partner to come together to agree on certain parts of raising your child.

With attorney Bonnie Amendola in Fairfield, CT, you can have the information you need to make the decisions that are right for your family. During custody, this can include the creation of a parenting plan, which stipulates certain aspects of raising a shared child after the parents have split up. This document, also called a custody agreement, can highlight many different parts of your child’s life, including religious upbringing and important medical decisions. To find out more about the advantage of a parenting plan, give us a call and schedule a time to talk!

Our Courts Look For The Child’s Upbringing

When you and the other parent split up, you might have a million things running through your head. The custody process is designed to help you two as parents come up with a solution that works to give the parents the ability to help them to raise the child, but it can be complex, leaving parents to wonder about their options. A trusted attorney can help you to understand your steps in the process so that you can make the decisions that are right for your family.

Our court system here in Connecticut is intended to focus on the health and upbringing of your little one, and this can sometimes run against your goals as a parent. Thankfully, parenting plans are an option to help you and the other parent to come to terms where you two are in agreement.

What Is A Parenting Plan, And How Can It Help?

Parenting plans are documents that detail the rights and responsibilities of each parent, and they can be a help in creating a more flexible environment for both you and your former partner. These can include important discussions like the religious upbringing of your child and medical decisions. They can also establish a regular schedule of visitations and physical custody, so there are real impacts to their development.

Learn More About Parenting Plans With Attorney Bonnie Amendola

If it is time to talk about custody, reach out to our team to learn about your options. To find out more about parenting plans and their role in legal custody, speak with attorney Bonnie Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943 today.