Navigating Financial Decisions In Divorce

financial decisions fairfield ctSplitting up as a couple is rarely a fun occasion, but when you are married, the discussion takes a little more planning. The state of Connecticut has an interest in your relationship at this point, and that means that they require certain steps before they allow your partnership to be dissolved. Part of this is a discussion of your shared wealth, and making those hard financial decisions can be even tougher if you are trying to go it alone.

When you decide that is time to end this chapter of your life, talk to our team of trusted local divorce attorneys in Fairfield, CT. We understand the complex world of divorce, and we also know the vital role that finances play during this period. Here in Connecticut, we operate under a guiding principle called “equitable division,” which seeks to give each partner a reasonable and just portion of the estate. This concept differs from the ideas used in some other states, so even if you have been through this process before, it might look a little different than a previous divorce. To find out more about your financial decisions in your divorce, call us today and tell us about your situation.

In Connecticut, Our Courts Look At A Range Of Factors

In some areas, the courts operate under a guideline that states that during a divorce, the finances should be split evenly, as close to a 50/50 split as possible. Here in our state, we go about things in a slightly different way. The courts are permitted to take a number of factors into account when separating finances during a divorce. This is called “equitable division,” and it seeks to provide a just and reasonable outcome for each party. If you and your former partner have something else in mind, talk to our team about your options in negotiation.

Do You Share A Child Together? Ask About Your Custody Steps

If you and your former spouse share a child, then the state also wants to make sure that you figure out a healthy way to raise them after you two split up. Depending on your situation, that may require a monthly child support payment in order to ensure that each parent has a fair share of the resources to give the child what they need to grow. Our team is here to help you understand what custody means for you and your family.

Learn More About Your Financial Decisions In Divorce With Attorney Bonnie Amendola

If it is time to discuss divorce, talk to our team about your next steps. To find out more about legal custody and financial decisions in divorce, call Attorney Bonnie Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943 today.