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Navigating Financial Decisions In Divorce

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Splitting up as a couple is rarely a fun occasion, but when you are married, the discussion takes a little more planning. The state of Connecticut has an interest in your relationship at this point, and that means that they require certain steps before they allow your partnership to be dissolved. Part of this is… Read more »

Understanding Divorce In Connecticut

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Making the decision to end your marriage can be one of the most important choices that you make in your life. It’s not just about the personal turmoil of ending a relationship, but it is also about handling all of the legal elements of divorce. When you are thinking about divorce in Connecticut, the state… Read more »

Navigate Your Divorce With An Attorney

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Deciding to end your marriage can be a really difficult thing to do. Not only is there the strain of ending a relationship, but you also have to navigate your divorce process in the eyes of the law. Once you and your former partner enter into marriage, the state of Connecticut now has a vested… Read more »

What Is Equitable Division?

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Divorces can be complex, and they require appropriate communication with a trusted legal team to ensure that everything is handled properly. Here in Connecticut, there are several laws and procedures that you need to know as you head into your divorce, and these may differ from those in another part of the country. This means… Read more »

Ending Your Marriage? Know Your Rights

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As a married couple, the decision to split up can be a difficult one. Even beyond the emotional implications of ending your marriage, the state of Connecticut has a vested interest in this relationship, which means taking legal steps. Our state requires an “equitable division” of assets, meaning that everything you two own is subject… Read more »

Premarital Agreements In Connecticut

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Marriages are deeply emotional and personal things for people, but sometimes, it is important to remember their place within the legal system. Your marriage is something that happens alongside the state, and at that point, there are certain steps that need to be taken whenever the partnership dissolves. Finances must be separated in an “equitable”… Read more »

Financial Division In Divorce

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Ending a relationship can be hard. When the state of Connecticut is involved, as well, the situation can become a much larger struggle without the right support. Our courts (and the law) states that the entirety of your wealth is shared between you and your former partner, and that financial division must be done “equitably.”… Read more »

Finding Resolution In Your Divorce

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If you and your partner decide to end your relationship, it can be a difficult situation for both of you. When you share wealth together, separating your assets can be a significant hurdle, and this can be difficult for you to handle on your own. If you and your former spouse have had a child… Read more »

Navigating The Tough World Of Divorce

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If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you might be overwhelmed at the prospect. Even beyond the emotional toll of such a significant life change, there are practical matter that you need to take into account. When you need help in figuring out the details in your divorce, talk to a… Read more »

Understanding Your Rights During A Divorce

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If you are in the process of ending your marriage in the state of Connecticut, then you know how stressful your situation can be. Even for those with amicable separations, the process of divorce can be a struggle. You may not have the tools you need to understand the timeline of events, all while dealing… Read more »