Premarital Agreements In Connecticut

premarital agreements southport ctMarriages are deeply emotional and personal things for people, but sometimes, it is important to remember their place within the legal system. Your marriage is something that happens alongside the state, and at that point, there are certain steps that need to be taken whenever the partnership dissolves. Finances must be separated in an “equitable” manner, ensuring that both sides receive a fair share of the family’s wealth. Custody is another area in which families need to work with the court when a marriage ends.

Before you enter into the contract of marriage, explore your options with local divorce attorneys in Fairfield, CT, including premarital agreements. These are agreed-upon terms between you and your partner to outline what should happen should your marriage end in divorce. While these are not ironclad in the state of Connecticut, they hold significant power in the eyes of the court. These agreements are becoming increasingly popular, and they can be a common way of detailing your wishes. Give us a call today to learn more about premarital agreements!

Know Your Options Before You Make The Decision

Whenever you enter into a marriage, it is about much more than love. Sure, we understand the emotional element to any relationship, but at this point, the state has a say in things. This means that if this partnership ends, there are laws related to how things need to be divided. When you start to talk about divorce, your family’s financial wealth must be divided in an “equitable” manner.

Equitable does not necessarily mean equal, but since Connecticut does not allow for any shielded property, anything that you own could become part of the discussion. Before you decide to connect your finances with another person, talk to an expert about ways to keep what’s yours protected should anything go wrong.

Speak With A Lawyer About Premarital Agreements

Connecticut has had dedicated laws on the books since 1995 regarding the use of premarital agreements. Before that time, there was a collection of differing laws, and so it is important to speak with an expert who understands the particulars of premarital agreement law. Sometimes, these can be viewed as unenforceable, so you want to be sure that you are creating a situation that can withstand the scrutiny of the court. These agreements can detail how you wish for your finances to be divided, which can be a significant help in the long run, so talk to our team about the advantages of premarital agreements in Connecticut.

Find Out More With Our Fairfield, CT Legal Team!

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