Finding Resolution In Your Divorce

Handshake Fairfield CTIf you and your partner decide to end your relationship, it can be a difficult situation for both of you. When you share wealth together, separating your assets can be a significant hurdle, and this can be difficult for you to handle on your own. If you and your former spouse have had a child together, the situation can become even more serious, so take the time to talk with a lawyer who understands the process.

At The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT, we can help you to navigate the complex and sometimes confusing world of divorce. The state of Connecticut requires an “equitable” separation of assets, and by having a talented negotiator, you can have an advocate there to protect your wealth. During the financial division of your divorce, having the guidance of a skilled negotiating team can help you keep more of what’s yours. We can also help you to craft a positive parenting plan so that you and your former partner can reach an agreement on how your child is to be raised.

Dividing Your Wealth Can Be A Tough Process

When you and your former spouse choose to divorce, certain steps are required by the courts in the state of Connecticut. The law is clear that all assets are to be divided “equitably,” and without an agreement in place, you could be at the mercy of your judge. Connecticut also does not allow for separate private property, so everything that you own could be subject to your divorce proceedings.

By working with a trusted attorney, you give yourself a better opportunity to protect the important things that you own. From your house to your car, there are certain things that cannot simply be divided, and negotiating with your former partner can help you two to find a solution.

Developing A Parenting Plan With Your Child’s Needs First

Another time when divorce can become tricky is when you two share a child together. If custody is a need in your divorce, talk to our team about ways to come up with a solution that works for both parents. A parenting plan is a helpful document that details some of the rights and responsibilities of each parent. This document is also called a custody agreement, and it can be a very useful tool to ensure that some rules are followed. With your negotiation team, you can work with your former partner to raise your child.

Work To Move Forward With Our Attorneys In Fairfield, CT

With our helpful legal experts, you can take positive steps in your divorce process. To learn more or to schedule a meeting, give us a call at The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943.