Dividing Wealth During Divorce

division connecticut (1)When you and your partner decide to call it quits, it can be a struggle for everyone involved. There may be a significant emotional toll that comes alongside ending your marriage in the eyes of the court, but it can really become tricky when trying to handle the bureaucratic aspect of divorce. If you share a child, then custody is often a sticking point for each parent, and you might also run into problems agreeing on an equitable division of assets and liabilities.

If you and your former partner have come to the conclusion that divorce is the next step, talk to The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT about your options in financial division. The state of Connecticut requires an equitable separation of wealth, and without an agreement in place, you could be subject to the decisions of the court. Instead, learn about how negotiations can help you to keep more of what’s yours through crafting an agreement with your former spouse.

Even Simple Divorces Can Become Complicated In A Hurry

One of the most common mistakes that divorcing couples can make is trying to do everything on their own. Even when you and your former partner have come to a mutual conclusion on ending your marriage, there are some areas where you might not always see eye to eye. In these times, you might find that your uncontested divorce is not so simple, after all.

For the sake of both parties involved, it is helpful to find legal counsel to help you understand every step in the process. The state of Connecticut requires what is known as an “equitable” division of assets, and this can become difficult for those trying to do it all on their own.

Find A Talented Negotiator to Help You Through Financial Division During Divorce

When you and your former spouse start to talk about money, you want to have an advocate by your side during every step of the negotiation process. This way, you have a dedicated attorney to help you to know your rights and responsibilities. Also, you could wind up alone on one end of the table, facing off against a skilled negotiating team. Take the time to prepare yourself by securing legal counsel for your divorce in the state of Connecticut.

Talk To Our Fairfield, CT Law Office About Your Divorce Needs

If this is your first time through divorce, or if you have been here before, it is important to have an attorney who understands your situation. To learn more about your options during the division of wealth after your marriage ends, give us a call at The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943!