Financial Division In Divorce

financial division fairfield ctEnding a relationship can be hard. When the state of Connecticut is involved, as well, the situation can become a much larger struggle without the right support. Our courts (and the law) states that the entirety of your wealth is shared between you and your former partner, and that financial division must be done “equitably.” This is why it is so important to talk with a trusted legal expert about your options, as there is much that is riding on these negotiations.

With our team of talented local attorneys at The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT, you can have a dedicated guide to the world of divorce. We understand that this situation can be difficult on people, and so we want to help you to find a positive path forward. Discussions surrounding financial assets can be a heated topic, so you need to know your rights. Learn about your next steps with a call to our office today!

The State Of Connecticut Has Certain Requirements In Any Divorce

Divorce is not like ending just any relationship. At this point, the state of Connecticut has its own interest in seeing that the process is done in the right way, and that means that there are laws regarding to the end of your marriage. For instance, if you two share a child together, you need to show the court that you can work together to ensure that the needs of the child are being care for first and foremost.

The discussion of your finances is one area where divorce can become tricky in a hurry. This is just one reason why it is important to speak with a trusted attorney quickly after deciding to end your marriage, but it is also a crucial one. Knowing the law can help you to make positive decisions at every step along the way.

What Does The Court Require In Financial Division?

When it comes to separating your wealth during a divorce, you need to understand what the court wants to see. The language of the law is fairly clear in that Connecticut requires an “equitable” split, but that can mean different things to different people. By working together with a team of attorneys in your process, you can take steps to keep what is important to you. If you have been trying to go it alone, you could find yourself alone on one end of the negotiating table against a skilled legal team.

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