Putting Your Child’s Needs First

When you are going through a divorce, there can be a significant emotional element that can be its own struggle. If you and your former spouse share children together, then this situation can become even more tricky, as navigating co-parenting can be difficult without positive communication. A parenting plan helps you to establish the rights and responsibilities of each parent so that you can put certain stipulations in to an agreed contract.

At The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT, we are here to help you to craft a helpful parenting plan that allows for you and the other parent to know your role in raising your child. With terms that both you and your ex agree upon, you can focus less on custody and more on parenting. These documents can include stipulations, including the schedule of shared visitations and medical wishes. Parenting plans, or custody agreements, can detail many different aspects of raising your little one, so be sure to ask your attorney about everything that you want to make sure is put into writing!

During Divorce, Custody Can Be The Most Significant Hurdle

When you and your partner decide to end your marriage in the eyes of the Connecticut court system, you might run into roadblocks along the way. Along with the separation of financial wealth through an equitable division of assets and liabilities, shared custody is a common area in which divorcing couples can disagree. It is important to remember, however, that you can your former spouse can come together to decide on key elements of raising your child.

A parenting plan is a way that you can put the rights and responsibilities of each parent into writing, holding both of you accountable to certain things. These documents are also known as custody agreements, and they hold significant weight in the eyes of the court.

Parenting Plans Can Include Many Aspects Of Raising Your Little One

During the creation of your new parenting plan, talk to your attorney about everything that you would like to include. These agreements can include a variety of different topics, from religious upbringing to how key medical decisions are made. The schedule of shared visitation is one element that can be highly important for divorcing couples, and a positive custody agreement can give both you and your former partner a little more flexibility. Ask your divorce attorney about how to secure the things that are most important to you.

Make Plans For A Custody Agreement With Our Legal Team In Fairfield, CT

When you and your partner decide to split up, take the time to put your child’s needs first. To learn more about parenting plans, give us a call at The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943.