Making The Case For Sole Custody In Connecticut

Single Parent Fairfield CT Sole CustodyWhen you and your former partner decide to call it quits, this action can have rippling effects on your life. If you are currently in the process of obtaining a divorce here in the state of Connecticut, you may learn that even beyond the emotional turmoil, there are things that you need to handle with the court system. Discussions around custody, and sole custody in particular, are areas where you want to make sure that you take seriously.

Through the formation of a parenting plan or the establishment of parental rights, you can be prepared with our team of custody and divorce attorneys in Fairfield, CT. The process can be different for every custody discussion, so take the time to talk with an experienced legal professional about your particular situation. Whether you are looking for a positive way to co-parent or if you need to fight for sole custody, our team is here to help you reach a solution that works for your family.

Sole Custody Can Require Extra Steps, And A Lawyer Can Help

As a parent, you innately have certain rights that the state of Connecticut grants you. These protections also apply to the other parent, and so if you are wanting to work toward sole custody, talk with a trusted local attorney to learn about your options. This can be a helpful process if you feel that the other parent is unable to safely care for the wellbeing of the child during visitation.

Sole physical custody is granted by the courts in our state if they deem that one parent is unfit to care for the child. Sometimes, a parent recognizes that they are unable to take the steps in becoming a good caretaker. If you and your partner agree on the terms of sole physical custody, you may be able to put it into your parenting plan.

Are Your Parental Rights Being Withheld By Your Former Partner?

Sometimes, parents can break the rules regarding custody. If your former partner is denying you access to your child, talk to a lawyer about ways to enforce your rights. These actions may take the form of withholding your child during scheduled visitations or even denying you your legal say in important decisions regarding the care of your little one. When the other parent does not want to comply with the court, learn more about your rights with a knowledgeable attorney.

Working Toward Sole Custody With Amendola & Amendola

If you want to obtain sole physical custody of your child, take some time to talk to a dedicated legal team about your options. To learn more about how the custody process works in the state of Connecticut, call The Law Office of Amendola & Amendola in Fairfield, CT at (203)803-2943.